William J. Chambers

William J. Chambers

Education & Credentials

  • BA, Economics and History – College of Wooster
  • MA and M. Phil., Economics – Columbia University
  • Ph.D., Economics – Columbia University



Bill Chambers is an Associate Professor Emeritus of Finance at Boston University’s Metropolitan College, where he joined the faculty in 2005. He taught graduate and undergraduate courses in corporate finance, investment analysis, portfolio management, multinational finance, international investments, fixed income analysis, and capital markets. He also coordinated on-line instructional programs for banking & financial services, project management, international marketing insurance business continuity and human resource management.

Prior to joining Boston University, Professor Chambers spent 22 years at Standard & Poor’s (S&P) within its credit rating division, including 13 years as a Managing Director. While at S&P, he undertook and supervised credit analyses for hundreds of corporate and governmental entities. For several years he oversaw credit ratings for all corporate entities domiciled outside the United States. Professor Chambers was also a leader of S&P’s Risk Solutions Group, which provided consulting to financial institutions and corporate entities regarding improvements to internal credit scoring systems. Throughout his tenure at S&P, he was also involved in the development and application of ratings criteria.

Professor Chambers provides consulting services to corporate entities, financial institutions, and law firms globally. His professional engagements have included, but are not limited to:

  • Development and delivery of expert testimony regarding creditworthiness, credit ratings, parent-subsidiary relationships, and the impact of credit ratings on the financial viability of companies and their access to capital markets.
  • Development and improvement of credit evaluation models, templates and scorecards.
  • Analysis and validation of internal credit evaluation systems.
  • Assessment of economic and capital models.
  • Lectures to corporate professionals on creditworthiness and the factors impacting specific credit assessments.

Among other engagements, Professor Chambers has testified in several instances, on behalf of the Petitioner, in U.S. tax court:

In all three cases, the IRS challenged the validity of an intercompany loan, and claimed that it should not be considered debt for tax purposes. Professor Chambers and MSG performed analyses on the Petitioners’ creditworthiness, ability to service the debt, and ability to raise debt on similar terms from an unrelated third party. These analyses, and the experts’ testimony, contributed to favorable court rulings for MSG’s clients.

In addition, Professor Chambers has submitted expert reports and frequently testified in other tax cases in the US, Canada, Israel, Norway, Australia and New Zealand, among others. His testimony was cited in two cases before the Tax Court of Canada, contributing to favorable verdicts on behalf of his clients:

  • General Electric Capital Canada Inc. vs. Her Majesty the Queen,
  • Cameco Corporation vs. Her Majesty the Queen