MSG provides a variety of services to law firms, government, and corporate clients. Our expert testimony practice covers virtually every financial topic including bankruptcy, valuation, securities, employment and pension, damages, taxation, and accounting. We specialize in complex cases which often require us to weave together expertise in numerous industries and areas of financial analysis to produce our findings. For example, our work on various cases relating to the Enron bankruptcy required in-depth knowledge of valuation, damages, derivatives, forensic accounting, telecommunications, energy trading and oil services. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to provide services tailored to each client and project.


Our corporate finance and business consulting practice includes a full range of services, typically centered on valuation, accounting, and high-level corporate decision making. We are often requested to value public and privately held businesses, a broad array of financial instruments, intellectual property, and a wide range of other intangible assets. Many of our assignments involve the issuance of a valuation opinion that is needed for a client’s SEC filing or play a part in an ongoing negotiation between the prospective buyer and seller of a business or unit. We also provide business planning, start-up development, financial planning, and market research, as well as advising on restructuring and reorganization.