The Michel-Shaked Group provides expert testimony, corporate finance, and business consulting services to law firms, government entities and corporations worldwide. Founded by finance professors Allen Michel and Israel Shaked, MSG has three decades of experience providing clients with rigorous analyses of financial and business issues in a broad array of industries. Our network of affiliated experts and veteran team of in-house professionals allows us to staff each engagement to precisely fit our clients’ needs.


MSG’s experts hold numerous professional accreditations and degrees from top universities. They occupy, or have occupied, senior positions in prestigious academic institutions, businesses, government entities, and industry standards-setting bodies. Each year, our experts publish cutting edge research, help companies set strategy as members of corporate boards and senior management teams, and receive awards for contributions to the institutions they serve. MSG’s experts are supported by our dedicated and experienced staff, many of whom also hold advanced degrees and professional designations, as well as by world-class research tools and databases.


In our litigation support practice, we provide expert testimony and other support services through all stages of a litigation engagement. Our services in this area commonly include providing discovery assistance, financial and economic analysis, report preparation, critique of opposing expert reports, and testimony at deposition, arbitration, and trial. We have experience in many areas of corporate litigation, including bankruptcy, securities class action cases, and damages. We have worked on some of the highest profile litigation matters in U.S. history.


MSG also provides non-litigation related corporate financial advisory and business consulting services. We are often requested to provide valuation services for the purpose of financial regulatory filings, or provide advice and valuation opinions with respect to plans for restructurings, mergers, and divestitures. In addition, we develop and conduct seminars on a broad range of topics for both law firms and corporations. Our expert testimony and corporate finance practices complement each other. Our litigation clients benefit from the enhanced credibility that our experience in industry lends to the reports and testimony we provide, while our corporate finance clients gain our insight into sensitive issues which could potentially lead to litigation if handled improperly.


While we are a Boston-based firm, our client base is national, with the majority of our clients located outside New England. Regardless of geography or the complexity of the engagement, we maintain close contacts with our clients, and provide timely updates on our progress throughout each project.


Our Expert Testimony practice covers virtually every financial topic including bankruptcy, valuation, securities, employment and pension, damages, taxation, and accounting.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance and business consulting practice includes a full range of services, typically centered on valuation, accounting, and high-level corporate decision making.


Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to provide services tailored to each client and project.